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  Simply submit a fully completed and accurate application form
for an immediate in principle decision.
On approval, we will process your application to completion
in the shortest posssible time.

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Frequently asked Questions

I want a competitive interest rate

We have excellent relationships with many of the top lenders in the country. Some are subsidiaries of the clearing banks. Due to this we have been able to negotiate very competitive terms and are sure we will find a rate to suit your needs.

Is my application confidential?


Are there any fees when arranging the loan?


What about amounts and terms?

Our loans range from £1,000 to £75,000 and terms are from 3 - 25 years.

Can I pay more than the agreed repayment?

Yes you can, and if you do you will be saving money because with a secured loan you are only charged interest on the amount you owe, calculated on a day to day basis.

What do I do now?

If you have not already completed our online application form, simply do so now and we will process your application straight away. You can also request an application form by e-mail using the link provided.

I want to consolidate my credit and reduce my monthly outgoings

We specialise in debt consolidation. We can negotiate with all your credit providers, the best possible settlement figures and pay them all off with one of our loan plans over a period to suit you.

I have a poor credit history, can you help?

We have vast experience in helping people with a range of debt problems - for example, county court judgments, mortgage arrears.

Can I use the loan for any purpose?

Yes, absolutely. We have helped clients with everything from the conventional - debt consolidation, home improvements or a dream holiday - to the less conventional - a new nose, an exotic pet or a Ferrari.

How do I apply?

Raising finance or realising your dreams couldn't be easier. Click here to complete a quick online form. The process is free and you are under no obligation. Remember, we're here to help.

What will happen after I apply?

We will immediately assess your individual requirements, and match them with the best deal from our panel of lenders. We aim to secure approval in principle within 24 hours of your application. You will be kept informed of progress at all stages. Our professional underwriters will then guide you through the loan process; clearing all the obstacles and delivering the cash you need in the shortest possible time. There are no interviews and no salesmen will call. Remember the application process is free and you are under no obligation.

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