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Homeowner Secure Loan
Homeowner Secure Loan

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Secure Loan

A secure loan is a loan which is secured on your property, so if you need a loan for any purpose, why not use your property to get you a loan. Remember, completing pour online secured application form does not commit you to taking out a loan. You are under no obligation whatsoever. You can cancel your secure loan at any time up to completion without cost or penalty. A secure loan could be taken for any purpose like to clear your existing debts, start a new business,  to improve your home , buy a car, book a luxury vacation, buy furniture for your home, buy a second home. Our secure loan service is available in Manchester, Cardiff, Bristol, birmingham, Glasgow, London, Liverpool, Northern Ireland, Cardiff.

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Benifits of secure loans

1) Releases equity in property up to 125% - which means you can aquire loan upto 125% of your property value.

2) Unlike a re-mortgage, no survey, valuation, mortgage indemnity, or solicitors fees to pay

3) Easier to arrange than a re-mortgage

4)Cash can be used for any purpose - for example, buying a car, going on holiday, home improvements or paying off existing debts

5)With one single payment to make each month, you have more control over YOUR monthly budget - A secure loan as a consolidation loan could significantly reduce your monthly outgoings leaving you with one lower monthly payment

6)Repayment period can be anything from 3 - 25 years

7) Secured loans offer lower interest rates than unsecured loans because there is less risk to a finance company. Most people choose a secured loan because the savings in interest over the term of the loan can be quite considerable .

We also have secured loan plans for SELF EMPLOYED - CCJS AND ARREARS - POOR CREDIT HISTORY